Coffee Tables - Glass Top Vs Wood Top

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Glass Top Coffee Table

For the home owner who is in search of an aura of understated elegance, the glass top coffee table provides that in spades. Home owners can select from a wide range of shapes, including rectangular, oval and round. These tables' legs tend to be constructed from either wooden or brass legs.

The glass top coffee tables has strong functionality, even though they are shorter than wood top coffee tables. Home owners who are concerned with safety can purchase a glass top coffee table with rounded edges. This reduces the risk of guests sustaining cuts when their legs brush up against the table.

A glass top table gives the room it is placed in a much larger appearance. They do so without overwhelming the overall feeling that the home owner is attempting to create. Glass top tables are very easy to clean, as a spritz of Windex and a quick wipe down give them a shine that is streak free.

Wood Top Coffee Table

Wood top tables appeal to home owners who wish to create a rustic, classic look to their home. A wood top table gives the room it is placed in an instant center piece. They allow home owners to define the room and stand apart from all other furniture in the home.

When selecting a wood top coffee table with unfinished wood, a person can choose the look that works best with their current decor. An unfinished wooden table can be stained so that it does not clash with the established colour scheme.

By choosing the stain, it gives the home owner increased flexibility to match their wood top table with the rest of the room. Some home owners may wish to stain the table in a colour that provides a pleasing contrast. A wood top table also requires custom wood cleaner, so that its finish is not removed.

Wood Vs Glass Coffee Table

For homeowners who have small children, the wood table is typically preferable, for safety reasons. Glass tables are at risk of breaking and the resulting shattered glass is dangerous. No matter which table you choose, be sure to purchase one with rounded edges for maximum safety.

If you wish to select a table that can tie a room together by becoming the centerpiece, wood is your best bet. Those are looking for a table that can blend into the background should make glass their selection.

December 30, 2014