How To Choose The Right Sized Rug

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What purpose does your space serve?

All rooms large and small!

Crawling space or decoration?

Plan your placement!

The right design for your space is so easy!

As you can see there are many important factors when just choosing the size of your rug let alone design, however if you follow this guide you can’t go astray when choosing the right sized rug for your space! It may seem overwhelming, and it may seem like the choices are endless but if you keep your head on and think back to this guide it will all be okay.

Remember to consider everything about your space: how it will be used, how large or small the space is, what style you are aiming for, furniture placement and the design of the rug that you will be choosing and remember above all: you are the one who will be seeing the rug and using the space every day, so it is you who must be happy with the size and design of your rug at the end of the day. Take your time when choosing your rug and enjoy the wide variety of styles that you will get to see during the process.

So there you have it! If you follow this guide you will be able to easily know what size of rug you need to create your ideal space! For further help do not hesitate to visit us in our showroom for a chat and some style advice.  

August 18, 2016