Tips and Ideas for Bedroom Decor

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Bedroom furniture and decorating tips

Your bedroom is one of the most important, if not the most important spaces in your home. It is your sanctuary, your haven after a long day of work, and the place where you tend to spend your most serene moments. While guests may not spend much time in your bedroom, for your sake, it is essential that it is decorated exactly as you wish so that it may bring you utmost comfort and relaxation.

Don't be Afraid to Play With Colours

As far as this goes, it does not only apply to the colour of walls. Colour can be added through small and large accessories around the bedroom to create an eye-catching yet tasteful visual effect. Pillows, lamp shades, rugs, and quilts with unique patterns or vibrant colours are a simple way to spruce up the decorations without the need of a large budget. Even if you are seeking a warm feel to your bedroom, you can still use colour to your advantage through the use of more neutral and warm tones, complemented with layered lighting with lamps or pendant lighting.

Creating Space with Lighting

Lighting is one of the simplest ways to generate a spacious visual effect. If your room allows for daylight, open your curtains and allow light to come through to complement the artificial indoor lighting. Furthermore, utilising lighter colours as opposed to dark ones generates visual space since they create an open and brighter feel. For those of you that lack natural light in your bedroom, a combination of mirrors with light colours is the best way to still utilise lighting and make your bedroom seem larger.

Paint Can Wait

There is often a misconception about the decorating process in which homeowners feel the need to select a specific paint colour before they furnish/decorate their home. The truth is, trying to properly match various individual items to one specific paint colour is quite harder than pairing a single paint color to a variety of items. The best way to go is to shop for your furniture and decoration first, and choose a paint colour last. We know this may be a hard concept to grasp, since paint colour essentially ties everything together, but doing this will grant you an opportunity to freely select decorations without worrying about them clashing with the colour you originally chose.

Less is More

Bedroom decor ideas and inspiration

At times we get so excited and caught up in decorating our bedroom that we tend to be superfluous. Your bedroom should not give you anxiety when you look at it and therefore, sticking with the basics is the best way to go. Toss out clutter and unnecessary items, and only utilise a practical and tasteful amount of decorations and furniture. Your bedroom will not only have a polished, clean and modern look, but will also provide you with the relaxation that you need.


Ditch the Need for a "Theme"

Themes are quite popular in the interior design world, and while we do not necessarily go against them, we encourage you to get creative with your bedroom decor. After all, this is your personal space and no one spends more time there than you. Utilise your personality to create a unique look and feel that suits you best, and one that you will love coming home to every day!

When decorating your bedroom, just remember that comfort and relaxation should be your priorities. The combination of proper colours, furniture choices, and decorating items will surely help you design the bedroom of your dreams, literally.

December 22, 2014