Bentwood Chairs by Michael Thonet

Versatility:  Bentwood chairs are the epitome of versatility. They are able to provide a classic and timeless design that does not clash with a modern contemporary look. Thonet's Bentwood chairs can be utilised in diverse settings including dining rooms, kitchens, patios, and cafes. At Huset Melbourne our collection combines the simplicity of the classic style with a twist on colours, shapes, and sizes, broadening the options for a piece that can fit perfectly in the room of your choice.

Quality:  The best part about selecting a classic design is knowing the immaculate standards with which it is built. Michael Thonet's designs have been crafted by the same factory for over a century, ensuring that the quality with which they were first designed has persevered throughout time and continues to deliver a calibre of furniture unrivalled by any other. Rarely are you able to find a collection that can not only stand the test of time as far as durability, but also remain relevant among the constantly emerging trends of interior design.

Shop Online:  At Huset Melbourne we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient customer service, always placing the satisfaction of our customers as our top priority. We have created an easy online shopping process for the customers that wish to have our unique bentwood chairs delivered right to their doorstep. Our website allows you the opportunity to place the items in an online cart, followed by a secure checkout process. Once the order has been placed, we guarantee safe and prompt shipping of all items.

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