One of the best attributes of Cafe stools is that they can be utilised diversely in different settings. Whether you are searching for a cafe stool for commercial or personal use, one of our pieces will surely fit your needs and desires. Our selection features a wide range of styles, materials, and colours that can aesthetically complement any space. We have designs that are suitable for the indoors and outdoors alike, as well as modern or traditional looks that are suitable for a variety of personal decorating tastes. Aside from the convenience of selecting from a variety of different styles, many of our pieces can be selected in more than one height option, assuring that they will be the perfect fit.


Our cafe stools may differ in style and design, but they do not differ in quality. Every piece has been crafted with the utmost excellence and the high quality materials. With practicality in mind, these cafe stools are made not only to be pleasing to the eye, but also to last and endure through various conditions and a high amount of wear in residential or commercial use. 

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Our online shopping process is made simple. You are able to purchase one of our beautiful cafe stools by adding them to an online cart, and then following through to a secure checkout page. Huset Melbourne guarantees that the delivery of your items will be swift and safe, assuring that they will be intact when they reach your doorstep.

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