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Commercial Bentwood Furniture Looks Great & Holds Up To Heavy Use

Although bentwood furniture has its origins in the 1800s, it is as fresh and modern as ever owing to its simple, clean forms and economy of quality natural materials. At Huset furniture Melbourne, we offer a vast collection of new yet original bentwood seating, ranging from classic bentwood dining chair forms, to the newer, more modern iterations. Our commercial bentwood furniture comes right from the source, with roots in the centuries-old tradition of steam-bending wood to create the iconic, timeless forms that have continued to be highly sought after for hundreds of years. First imagined and created by Michael Thonet, the father of bentwood technology, the Thonet chairs, as they are often referred to, were instant classics and have become a ubiquitous part of interior design in both homes and commercial spaces.

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Why did bentwood dining furniture, bentwood chairs and bentwood barstools become such universally popular furniture pieces? Likely because the furniture preceding it was heavy, often hand carved making it both expensive and cumbersome. Michael Thonet’s light weight, mass produced bentwood chairs were completely revolutionary as they were lighter owing to the economy of materials and they were cheaper and thus more readily available, owing to their mass production. The simple, functional design of commercial bentwood chairs made them an immediate hit and they are so utterly classic, that they continue to be a staple in restaurants, cafes and kitchens all over the world. If you are considering new bentwood commercial dining furniture, these pieces are attractive, timeless and so well crafted that they hold up to the wear and tear and heavy use commercial dining environments see. In fact, one of the highlights of bentwood chairs is the more wear they see, the better they look owing to the natural patina they take on over time.

Bentwood Dining Furniture Offers A Timeless Look In Your Restaurant Or Cafe

If you are searching for dependable, high quality dining chairs or café chairs that the aesthetic of your business, bentwood chairs offer a pleasing option. Huset furniture’s selection of impeccably designed and constructed original Thonet bentwood chairs offers a fitting addition to nearly any style space. Named after its creator, Michael Thonet, the Thonet chair, or bentwood chair, quickly took on a life of its own. Never has a mass produced chair design been so lauded. The Thonet chairs and bentwood barstools are among the best selling chairs in history. But don’t let their popularity dissuade you, there is still a wide selection of commercial dining chairs in the bentwood range from which to choose the café chair that reflects your personal style and the vibe you wish to create in your establishment.

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This simple, well designed chair is known for its style, comfort and affordability. It’s no wonder it has been such a top performer and seller for so long. Whether you are outfitting a café, restaurant, bar or bistro, we offer a wide selection of bentwood restaurant chairs, many constructed with durable solid beech wood and featuring reinforced joints to make them durable and stable.

Commercial Bentwood Chairs Are Ideal For Your Restaurant, Café Or Other Commercial Dining

At Huset furniture, we offer high quality bentwood chairs for commercial use with a variety of well designed chairs for all of your seating requirements. Our bentwood chairs are available in a variety of finishes to help meld with your existing décor or furnishings. We offer multiple seat heights to accommodate a variety of table and bar heights. Browse our complete range of commercial furniture for your exact needs and feel free to get in touch with our in house design team should you need some help selecting your commercial furniture.

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