Leather Sofas and Danish Designer Lounges in Melbourne

Versatility: Sofas are often regarded as the most important furniture piece of a home, so it is no surprise that our designs are built with a keen eye for detail and elegance. Our collection includes pieces of various styles, colours, and sizes which can be suitable in diverse decorating atmospheres. Whether your wish to blend your sofa with the style of furniture you already have in place, or perhaps utilise it as an accent to create an eye-catching focal point within a room, one of our models will bring your ideas to life.

Quality: At Huset Melbourne we pride ourselves on the fact that all furniture pieces are built with sleek craftsmanship; our leather and Danish designer sofas are no different. As furniture pieces typically utilised daily for lounging and relaxing purposes, the presence of both quality and comfort are essential traits to desire in a new sofa. Our designs are made to last and built to endure a vast amount of wear. Support and comfort are complemented by unique long lasting structure that will allow these sofas to preserve their original shape.

Inquire & Shop Online: Whether you are simply browsing for a new sofa or wish to purchase one of our pieces, we grant you the opportunity to inquire or shop online from the comfort of your own home. Depending on which design you are interested in, you will be able to either request a quote or place the item in an online cart. We will promptly respond to your quote inquiries or any other questions you may have. Furthermore, if you choose to purchase one of our sofas online, you will be able to do so through a secure checkout page. Delivery is safe and punctual, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

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