B9 Cava Black Le Corbusier Bentwood Armchair by Fameg

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Thonet dining chairs signaled the birth of the modern furniture age, using the newly created mass production to craft iconic, high quality bentwood furniture. The B9 Bentwood armchair is offered here in black and brings a timeless style to your space with its curvilinear that would styling and thoughtful European construction.

The Corbusier B9 armchair is offered in a handful of striking color options including the dramatic black pictured here. Likewise, the Era armchair offers a modern detail with its seat is subtly embosses with a sunburst pattern.

The Cava B9 armchair designed by August Thonet was a favorite of Swiss architect Le Corbusier owing to is architectural sensibility and rounded forms. Le Corbusier used the B9 Thonet bentwood dining chair in a multitude of his exhibitions. Over time this with classic began been referred to as the Le Corbusier armchair for that reason.

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Seat Size: 60cm W x 46cm H x 47cm D
Overall Size: 60cm W x 84cm H 47cm D
Colour: Black
Material: Beechwood
Made In: Europe
Designed By: Le Corbusier
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