Dandelion Jute Weave 2.15cm Natural Round Rug by Armadillo

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Accent your space with the Dandelion Jute Weave Natural Round Rug from Armadillo&Co. A distinctive circle pattern gives this round natural fibre rug a unique, refined natural style perfect under a dining table, in a bedroom or wherever you need a natural fibre accent rug. The Dandelion jute  rug offers a look that is pretty but not fussy or overly feminine. This natural fibre accent rug adds a characteristic style to your space while remaining understated and classic.

Premium Jute is a durable material that is ideal for natural floor coverings. Circular rugs offer a great way to accent your space whether it’s under a dining table in an entryway or wherever you need stylish, current floor coverings.


Material Jute
Diameter 2.15m
How Armadillo makes it
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