Diner Bench by Kai Stania for Ton

Lead Time 18 - 24 weeks
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Dining rooms and kitchens are the hearts of any home. A place where people meet, talk and eat.Apart from chairs and tables,also benches have their place in the kitchen. They have always been used to save space, which is practical especially for larger families. These features have made them popular in catering establishments and today,benches are an integral part of that atmosphere.

Their modularity and design guarantees that you will find the right solution for your space. Quality hand-crafting, material land comfort come as standard, further confirmed by a five-year guarantee of product quality.

Minimalist design that can be easily adapted to most architectural solutions. Solutions for hotels, restaurants and homes that require efficient space management. The clean contours of the wooden structure blend in with the comfortable upholstery, providing you with the perfect place to chat and relax. Diner is a modern, comfortable and flexible alternative to traditional dining benches.

Diner bench modules come in fixed lengths of 85, 95, 105 and 125 cm and can also be tailored to any size between 50 and 125 cm. There are four heights available – 45, 77, 96 and 131 cm. Corner modules come as rounded or with edges. In addition to the side module, custom side bench and cushions, the Diner system also includes a glass side table. The wooden leg structure is made of beech or oak and it is equipped with adjustable screws that can be used to level an uneven floor.

Specs Please refer to 'Benches' PDF brochure located below
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