Goofy Bench by Sam Sannia for Ton

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You will love these shapes. Goofy benches allow you to choose from units of different sizes, two types of upholstery design and leg structures. You can easily create a classic bench unit by the wall or a relaxation zone in an open room. It is also a perfect choice for low benches in lounge areas. Goofy simply fits in wherever you want to create a good atmosphere.

It is possible to create a lounge sitting from the basic low mode lby lowering its legs height and adding armrests. The side unit can be used to end the whole assembly. The cushion can be placed whenever you like.

Bench modules in the Goofy system come in sizes of 80, 90, 100 and 120 cm, and can also be tailored to fit in a range from 80 to 120 cm. Other modules include a corner bench, side module with armrest, additional armrest and cushion.

The basic low bench can be complemented with an upper backrest extending its height to 124 or 155 cm, with upholstery decorations made of buttons or horizontal stitches. This additional module can be used to optically divide space and to partially insulate sound. The lower part is available with wooden legs in beech or oak or as a single base from black laminate. Benches are equipped with adjustable screws that can be used to level an uneven floor.

We manufacture furniture using a manual bending technique at the place, where this tradition began in 1861. However we move the features of this unique technique even further and mix them with contemporary designers' ideas. Our tables and chairs become a connection of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy to the place that has learned to understand the wood for generations.

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