B9 Cava White Le Corbusier Bentwood Armchair by Fameg

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Imagine these clean, white bentwood armchairs in your dining room or kitchen. The iconic designs of Michael and August Thonet are yet again at the forefront of interior fashion. With a palette of on-trend colours, these beech wood, bentwood furniture classics get renewed and revisited, rendering them fresh and ageless.

The Le Corbusier B9 armchair, here in crisp white with the modern update of an embossed sunburst patterned seat, offers a great update to your mostly white kitchen, your clean, austere dining room and more. Ideal for your chic modern home, upscale restaurant or even rustic farmhouse kitchen owning to their classic, architectural appeal.

A popular element of the 1920s bentwood revival, renowned architects of the time like Le Corbusier used Thonet’s B9 in their buildings and exhibitions. In fact, the B9 Cava chair overtime began to be referred to as the Le Corbusier because it was such a favourite of the architect.

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Seat Size: 60cm W x 46cm H x 47cm D
Overall Size: 60cm W x 84cm H 47cm D
Colour: White
Material: Beechwood
Made In: Europe
Designed By: Le Corbusier
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