B9 Cava Natural Le Corbusier Bentwood Armchair by Fameg

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The B9 Cava bentwood armchair, often called the Le Corbusier armchair after one  of its most famous admirers, occupies a place in bentwood furniture history. This Michael Thonet designed B9 armchair is one of the most lasting designs in furniture history. Why might that be? The Cava bentwood dining chair is strong but lightweight and stable yet comfortable.

What a perfect natural bentwood armchair for your dining room or upscale modern kitchen. Imagine this chair around your dining table with its gentle curves and warm wood. The Le Corbusier armchair has had so many reincarnations and revivals that it is considered both modern and rustic. We love this armchair for its refined feel that lacks the pretension of other fluffy, stuffy dining chairs. For a clean esthetic and reined natural quality, the B9 Le Corbusier bentwood armchair is a must have. See our complete range for a host of other bentwood furniture pieces from which to create your individual look.

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Seat Size: 60cm W x 46cm H x 47cm D
Overall Size: 60cm W x 84cm H 47cm D
Colour: Natural
Material: Beechwood
Made In: Europe
Designed By: Le Corbusier
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