Black Stained Jutland Solid European Beechwood Dining Table by Mads Johansen for TON

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The natural solid Beech Wood timber stained black of the TON Jutland Table is of the most highest quality A Grade Timber. The black staining process allows for the natural grain to still be very slightly evident and the surface to remain untouched and silky smooth for that quality finish. 

The overall design of the TON Jutland Table has the most refined detail with its distinctive edging and precise angled legs for an unremitting form that will last for decades.

In 1861, a Bent Furniture plant was opened in BystÅ™ice pod Hostýnem, Czech Republic. Today it is among the oldest in the world. It was no coincidence that its founder Michael Thonet, whose name the plant bore, chose this place. Surrounded by beech forests offering enough material for the manufacturing process.

Ten years since the opening, 300,000 items of bent furniture were being made every year. By 1912, the number had risen to 445,000 items and almost 2,000 people looked after the products. Today this factory is known to us as TON.


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Length Custom
Width Custom
Height 76cm
Tabletop Thickness 2.8cm
Finish Black Stain / Clear lacquer
Table Top Material European Beechwood - Solid
Leg Material European Beechwood - Solid
Designer Mads K. Johansen
Manufacturer TON CZ (Made in Czech Republic)
How TON makes it
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