Red Vienna 18 Bentwood Chair by Micheal Thonet

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The red Vienna café chair is the perfect dining chair for your modern space. This heritage Café chair is like a chameleon changing its form to suit its surroundings. In a rustic inspired kitchen, this red timber dining chair takes on a farmhouse feel. Like the old vintage milk paint bentwood chairs, the No.18 chair feels a bit vintage, refined rustic.

On the other hand, put this red dining chair around your dining room table for modern eclectic look that is both vibrant and refined. Likewise, use the red Vienna 18 dining chair to refresh and update a more classic or transitional space.   

Red is a great color to add to your interiors but it can also be overpowering so skip the blood red walls and instead add bold and vibrant red accents to your space in the form of chairs and more. These chairs are Michael Thonet designed originals ideal in your space.

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Seat Height 46cm
Seat Width 41cm
Overall Height 88cm
Finish Red
Seat Material European Beech timber bentwood
Frame Material European Beech timber bentwood
Designer Michael Thonet
Manufactured In Europe
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