Black 70/70 Dining Table by TAF Architects for Muuto

Designed by TAF Architects for Muuto, the 70/70 table has an almost anonymous expression with beautiful detailing. The table is based upon two cast aluminium squared frames with the dimension of 70 x 70 centimetres, hence the name 70/70.

The black 70/70 table top is made of linoleum with a plywood edge finish and has black cast aluminium legs. The Scandinavian aesthetics can be seen in the airy, simple form of the table and in the plywood details. The 70/70 table is multifunctional, and it is perfect as a dining table or as an office table.

Pdf Brochures
Table Top Material Black Linoleum with Plywood edges
Frame Material Cast Aluminium
Length 170cm / 225cm / 255cm
Width 85cm / 90cm / 108cm
Height 73cm
Designer TAF Architects
Manufacturer Muuto
How Muuto makes it
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