White Balloons Lamps by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for Brokis

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Balloons is a collection of unique simple timeless lights that are originally based on an idea of transparent invisible balloon with a floating reflector

Balloons, designed by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for Brokis, is a collection of unique and timeless light that are based on an idea of ‘invisible’ volume with a floating reflector.  The glass is mouth blown and the the largest of the three sizes pushes the material to the limit, as it is the maximum dimension the glass can expand using handmade processes.

Industrial designers Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova have linked with Brokis to produce a set of intricate lamps with the Balloon & Muffins Lamps set. The stationary lighting fixtures feature a clear shell to enhance the balloon-like aesthetic, as a contrasting platform “floats” at the center.

The collection features a variety of sizes, including options to set atop a flat surface as well as hanging variations.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

Light Fixture Colour White
Glass Colour Transparent or Smoke Gray
Dimensions (Small) Base Width 239mm x Overall Height 400mm x Top Width 285mm - (Light to Top Height 255mm)
Dimensions (Medium) Base Width 359mm x Overall Height 600mm x Top Width 428mm - (Light to Top Height 390mm)
Dimensions (Large) Base Width 509mm x Overall Height 850mm x Top Width 607mm - (Light to Top Height 550mm)
Made By Brokis
Designers Dan Yeffet & Lucie Koldova
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