Vienna 18 White Bentwood Thonet Chair by Fameg

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Given their sustained popularity, the Thonet chair No.18 dining chairs are ageless and blend well with a array of interior settings—go modern or casual, go organic with a rustic vibe, go minimalist and uncluttered and this cafe chair goes with you. The Thonet chair bentwood dining chairs prove the pint that ground breaking design starts with simple ideals. And if a furniture piece is truly iconic,  you can connect the future to the past without getting stuck there.

The white Vienna No. 18 thonet chair is understandably the chameleon of dining chairs. At home in the kitchens of the seventies, the European cafes of the 1800s, the modernism inspired interiors of the 1920s and the midcentury spaces of the fifties. The Thonet designed bentwood furniture, including this white bentwood kitchen dining chair has continued to charm generation after generation of furniture aficionados around the world.

Some revolutionary ideas are so original, so innovative, so unique that they change everything - the Thonet chair by Michael Thonet have impacted furniture in this way, giving us something new, then old, then new again.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

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Seat Size: 41cm W x 46cm H
Overall Height: 88cm
Seat Colour & Material: White European Beech timber bentwood
Frame Material: White European Beech timber bentwood
Designer: Michael Thonet
Manufactured In: Europe
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