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Rugs & Carpets Offer Color, Texture & Style In Your Spaces

Rugs and carpets for your home offer a unique look in addition to texture and color. When selecting a rug consider what type of construction you would prefer. Do you like a thin rug in a uniform color? Or do you prefer a heavy pile that is soft under foot? Do you like a muted color scheme or bold, dramatic colors? Do you love the look of a natural hemp round rug? Inside the home, design is important but comfort is key. Natural fibers like wool, jute, hemp or cotton, have a more luxurious feeling, while synthetic fibers like polypropylene tend to be more compact, tight woven but resilient and resistant to staining.

Chic Modern Rugs & Accent Rugs Are Warm Underfoot & Even Dampen Noise

The right modern rug can add so much to your space. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they are easy on the feet as well. Additionally, a good quality rug can protect your flooring, dampen excessive noise and add texture and softness to your spaces. Color is important when choosing a rug for your home. Bold colors can add accent and visual interest to the space whereas monochrome rugs and neutrals can make a space look larger and feel more expansive. Need help choosing the right sized rug?

Area Rugs Can Offer An Ideal Way To Finish Your Spaces

When selecting your home rug or area rug, measuring for appropriate size is important. As important as size is, scale and shape are also a factor. A large dining room rug can set off the look of your dramatic dining table. Get too big a rug and it dwarfs the table but choose an overly small rug and the pairing won’t work well either. We like ample rug space around the table so that chairs may be pulled out and still rest on the rug, eliminating chair wobbles. Accent rugs offer a great way to add visual interest in smaller and high-traffic areas while also protecting your floors.

Find The Best Rectangle Rugs, Round Modern Rugs & Rug Runners Online Melbourne

Our selection of rugs includes area rugs, carpets, modern rugs, accent rugs, rectangle rugs, round rugs
round modern rugs and contemporary rug runners. Find everything you need to outfit your modern home, muffle sound and protect hard flooring. We make shopping rugs online Melbourne easy by providing you with detailed product information and high resolution images that help you see and know precisely what you are buying. Measurements and a variety of sizing options help you find exactly the rug you need to accent and define your inspired spaces.

We Have The Best In Modern Rugs For Your Home

When selecting your next rug, your dominant style really drives your purchase. Do you favor a modern look? Do you like monochromatic neutrals? Do you favor natural materials and long for the luxe, refined rustic vibe? Do you have transitional spaces that can allow for a more traditional rug or modern area rug? Then consider traffic patterns, seating arrangements, and how you really use the space you are shopping for. Are you trying to create a nestled conversation area in a living room or need some warmth underfoot in your master bedroom? Need a modern hallway runner rug? Are you shopping bold colours for a childs’ bedroom or looking for a resilient, weather tolerant rug for your outdoor living spaces? Need an oversized rug for under your dining table or looking for a small entryway mat or accent rug for your entryway? At Huset, we have a complete selection of modern rugs for your modern home.