5 Stylish Storage Ideas for Spring Cleaning

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Whilst spring cleaning should be a time of physical and mental clarity, it tends to be a time when we take a good look at our lives and our habits and think ‘gee, I could use a makeover’. Whilst re-vamping your hairstyle takes a simple trip down to the hairdressers, re-vamping your house is just a bit more difficult (okay, okay, MUCH more difficult). Often when we look at the mess and the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ that we have accrued throughout the year it can be overwhelming, however this guide is here to help! So breathe and take a step back, we are here to help you through spring cleaning and more specifically how to store all of your ‘stuff’.

A great place to start when beginning to sort through your belongings is to create categories for everything to go in. A few ways to do this are by room, by item type, by importance and most importantly by ‘keep’ and ‘throw away’. Doing this can be hard but remember to be ruthless: if you haven’t used it since last spring clean, chances are you won’t before next spring either! Toss it! Once you have categorised ‘keep’ and have successfully eliminated ‘throw away’ you can categorise as you like (try to keep it under 5 or 6 categories to prevent confusion)! Now the fun can begin!

We now know every odd end and other that needs a new storage spot, hopefully what else they need to be stored with and what room they need to go in. Now we can begin to look at some stylish storage options!

Stack 'em high, high as you can go!

When you are already stuck for space it can be difficult to find storage solutions that suit your space and budget simultaneously. Using stacked storage can help you to create storage in tight spaces without the space looking cramped as a result. Not only is stacked storage great for tight spots but it is an incredibly stylish way of organising your space. Using stacked shelves creates a stunning platform for displaying just about anything you can think of, including books, statues, blankets, jewelry and even lighting!

Stacked storage is a great chance to get creative and to inject some style into any space, the end result is up to you! A good tip when working with stacked storage is to make sure you use many different sized boxes, this will create a gorgeous dynamic between the shelves and give your space a stylish look. Our Muuto Stacked Storage System shelves come in many shapes, sizes and colours giving you a great platform for your own self expression. Our shelves join using clips that also come in different colours. The clips create a secure setting for your stacked shelving, ensuring that the structure is stable.

Stacking books, CD’s and even vinyl records in stacked storage looks incredible as displayed in the photo below. Doing this creates a layered effect, bringing depth and visual appeal to your storage. Although we have been through some specific items that look great when stored in stacked storage just about anything will look amazing when displayed and/or stored this way. Keep in mind that there are also many DIY projects out there for stacked storage on sites like Pinterest, and Youtube has some awesome videos for ideas such as this Muuto Stacked Storage video.

Step Into Spring with Step Ladder Storage!

Step ladder and leaning ladder storage has been a trend that seems to just keep popping up everywhere! This boho, recycled furniture look is a creative way to store your ‘stuff’ that can be a cheap and easy alternative or it can be a designer style choice (or both!!). This style can be created with any step ladder you have lying about at home, and can be enhanced with a few pieces of plywood to create extra shelf space or just extra support. The alternative to DIY set ups is something along the lines of our Oak Step Ladder by Karl Malmval.

The Stockholm series has an art deco feel with it’s lower steps and available colours, however if you are after a more refined look the Copenhagen range has stunning ashwood frames with beautiful white shelving/steps. The real benefit of step ladders as storage systems is that they work incredibly well as book shelves and as display cabinets.

Step ladders can work well in study and office settings as they have a stunning sleek design and are sturdy enough to hold heavy loads. Step ladders being able to hold heavy loads means that any larger or heavier items that you may have sorted will be easily stored through this method. This storage system is a really cute way to organise creative spaces, as if you use the DIY method a few splashes of paint making it’s way onto your feature will only add style. As with stacked storage most ‘things’ looks fantastic displayed on step ladder storage, and inspiration can be found all over the internet!

Raindrops, and dots, and coat hooks, oh my!

Coat hooks and racks are fantastic for more than just hanging up your guests jackets! When secured properly to the wall coat hooks can have any number of things hung from them including scarves, umbrellas, decorations and even exercise equipment! They can be a cute and funky way to jazz up a room and save on space at the same time and are extremely practical. A really fantastic way to use coat hooks is in an exercise space, you can use hooks to hang up your runners, skipping ropes, timers and towels creating a workout space that is not only organised but stylish too.

Whilst coat racks aren’t as common as they used to be in homes and even in offices they can give you so much more storage space than they take up. They come in many shapes and sizes too, including racks away from the wall. In the image to the right you can see some of the style that can be created within the frame of a stand alone coat rack. Just like the wall hooks you can use a coat rack to hang just about anything you like (weight permitting). As with every storage option the style and colour are ultimately up to you. These hooks will fit just about any room in your house and don’t look out of place in any space. Our Muuto The Dots range is quite stylish and quite worth a look into.

The beauty of spring cleaning is that is allows you to clear your mind and recreate your space how you want it to be and look. Remember not to crowd areas with too many hooks hanging in smaller areas, because although they are fantastic space savers they can be space crowders too. Be creative with what and how you hang your ‘stuff’ on these hooks. When installed properly they can hold more weight than you think they can, and they can be used to create a really stylish and gorgeous space. If you are struggling to install your hooks this guide over at D-I-Y is a fantastic resource!

Off to the side but not out of mind!

Side Tables are often misused as storage spaces. They end up with drawers filled with old paperwork that has nothing to do with current events, old contact books with nobody important in them and all sorts of bits and pieces that have been lost and forgotten for good reason. If you have sorted through your ‘stuff’ properly and already have side tables this is your chance to make a change and turn that side table into an incredible storage space filled with important documents that are easy to find, and all sorts of ‘stuff’ that belongs in your side table.

If you don’t already have a side table, it is time for you to find out the style and elegance that a beautiful side table can bring to your home. Our Copenhagen Console Table is a fantastic candidate to be within your home! Aside from drawers the big advantage of side tables is the tabletop itself. The tabletop of a side table may be small but it is a great place to display candles, statues, greeting cards, photo frames and art that you have have received or purchased throughout the year. Often it can be hard to find a stylish display spot for all of these things, and although many spots may work side tables are a particularly stunning way to display them. The drawers in side tables are a bit of a different story.

The drawers can have cardboard or wooden inserts placed in them to create separate storage spots within each drawer to make it easier to find things within them once stored. Have a good think and plan when filling the drawers with your knick knacks and paperwork as to how they will stay in place, and how they should be arranged. Having this clear in your mind will help you to keep the draw clean ongoing and will provide a reference point when you are next cleaning up. There is a great guide on how to organise your drawers over at Real Simple that is a great help!

No longer a 'floordrobe', but just as transparent!

At the beginning of our journey when you sorted through your ‘stuff’ there was likely a lot of clothing, blankets, books and general ‘stuff’ that belongs in the bedroom. Whilst a few options for storage that we have already been through would work well in a bedroom setting, items such as clothing and blankets need storage that is either tucked away or hung up. If you don’t have a wardrobe this can be hard, but never fear the clothes rack is here! Although you mostly see clothing racks in retail stores they are becoming more popular for bedroom storage for people with minimal room to work with, and they can look extremely stylish when clothing is hung properly and arranged in a stylish manner. This look ties in well if you have an industrial styled space to work with as it is minimalistic and stripped back.

If however you do not like the stripped back look of a clothing rack then opting for a tallboy, cabinet or sideboard buffet can create just as stylish of a look without your clothing on display for all to see (with display space for some pretty flowers or photo frames on the top). As with the drawers in side tables make sure to have a good plan and a  think about how you want the cupboards and/or drawers of your bedroom storage to be arranged. This avoids the space becoming a mess quickly because there was no clear organisation to your storage. If you are stuck for inspiration check out our Copenhagen range at https://www.huset.com.au/home-furniture/living/storage for some gorgeous tallboys, cabinets and sideboard buffets. We deliver Australia wide and are always happy to answer any questions you may have in store or over the phone.

Spring cleaning should now be a little easier with everything stacked away and stored in a stylish yet out of the way fashion. Getting to those corners that were previously covered by your ‘floordrobe’ should now be a breeze and your newfound organisation will help you put your best foot forward for the second half of the year. If you are having trouble with how to style your new organisation systems there are tonnes of resources online on Pinterest, Youtube and any DIY social media site, or feel free to pop into our showroom for some advise and to try out and see any pieces that you may have seen in this article that have caught your eyes.

Remember that above all it is your space and that you control your own style and your own organisation. Keep a clear head and try to not get overwhelmed by the task at hand. A great tip when spring cleaning is to create lists of ‘to do’ items in each and every room of your house, this will help to keep stress levels low and to see that there isn’t a huge amount to do. There are guide on how to create lists for cleaning all over the internet as well. Hopefully this guide has provided you with many ideas to go forth and conquer your spring cleaning with. Happy spring everyone!

August 25, 2016