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Your bedroom is your place to recharge and as such, you want it soothing and comfortable, whatever that means to you. Deciding on the right furniture for your bedroom is an important component of creating a space that soothes your soul. Maybe you are drawn to simple shapes and clean lines, maybe you love the look of Scandinavian bedroom furniture, or maybe you just aren’t sure what you want your bedroom to look like. When choosing your bedroom furniture, consider what is most important to you. Do you relish in the comfort of the perfect bed replete with bed frame and bed headboard? Or do you like organization most and need the ideal bedside tables and dressers to stash your stuff? Do you love the look of oak bedroom furniture and other solid wood furniture pieces or are you more drawn to Danish modern bedroom furniture?


Premium Oak Bedroom Furniture Including Danish Modern Bedroom Furniture

The perfect bedroom starts with and idea of what comforts you and then you consider furniture. Choosing the right bedroom furnishings depends upon the space you have, your style and the overall look and feel of the rest of your home. Large bedrooms can accommodate larger beds like a king sized bed or headboard. Smaller bedrooms might necessitate a smaller bed or even smaller bedroom furniture pieces like nightstands and bedroom cabinets. Storage like chests of drawers, armoires and dressers can provide ample places to store clothing and bedding. Either way, you can create a look you love with a few quality furniture pieces from Huset.


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Whether you are designing a guest bedroom, a master bedroom or a child’s bedroom, it is important that the space feels warm and welcoming. We love the addition of accent pieces like mirrors and shelving and of course, ample bedroom storage in the form of nightstands, dressers and even wall shelving to create points of interest and added storage. While accessories are great for adding character and visual interest to a bedroom, it can be good to keep it more minimal than you might in other rooms in order to create a calm, restful space. With the right designer modern bedroom furniture or even Scandinavian bedroom furniture, you can create a space that meets all of your needs, is comfortable and still infinitely well styled.


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At Huset furniture Melbourne, our design team loves to pull together a great look in a bedroom. No matter what size bedroom you are working with, it can be helpful to create a focal point using bedroom furniture that makes a statement, such as a king sized bed headboard, large dresser or your actual bed. If the bedroom you are decorating is on the smaller side, you can go with just a few larger pieces rather than fill the room with lots of small furnishings. Likewise you can pick pieces that do double duty as furnishings and storage like roomy dressers and nightstands with drawers. If you are working with a larger bedroom, consider breaking the space up into sectors with rugs, an accent chair, designer lighting and other occasional furniture pieces that create vignettes.


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Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It is your nest to feather. So create a space that speaks to you and your personal style. Whether you love modern bedroom furniture or the austere styling of Danish modern bedroom furniture, at Huset furniture, we carry beds, headboards, bedheads and nightstands from some of the best furniture designers out there. Invest in quality bedroom furniture and never miss a good night’s rest again.