Micro Living: Making a Big Impact With Small Spaces

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micro living micro cabin

Micro Asymmetrical Cabin in the Woods

Bigger isn’t always better and as housing costs climb along with our carbon footprint, some individuals are trying to make a big dent with little living spaces. Maybe it’s about finding affordable housing in populated, pricey cities. Perhaps it’s about using less—less space, less stuff, but going green with less has never been more chic.

micro living architectural layout

Micro Living Floor Plan

Once the bellwether of dorm living and windowless cavern apartments, designers and architects are redefining micro living spaces with an eco chic hand. It is the architects that must first create a space that is both small and livable. Layout is even more critical when there is less space to work with.

micro living room dark wood

Micro Living Spaces

Then designers must work within a smaller canvas. The downside is small living spaces can easily become cluttered and overwhelmed. The upside is, when you need to buy less, you can buy better quality pieces. Designers tell us the trick in part is to put nothing in your space that isn’t both beautiful and functional. The best micro living designers are sharp editors, removing anything unnecessary from the space.

micro living space light wood

Light Natural Wood Looks Airy & Open

In cities like New York, San Francisco and Sydney, many see micro apartments as a second home, a place for high-paid, high-tech suburbanites to bed down for a night in the city or a quick weekend away pied-a-terre.

architectural micro space rustic style home

Unique Style Small Home

Good things do indeed often come in small packages. This trend in sustainable design shows no sign of going away as more and more people are downsizing with an eye toward improving their overall quality of life. Could the trend in little lodgings, wee abodes and pocket-sized pied-a-terres be in your future?

modular style micro living space green

Modular Style Small Living Space

Many micro living designers are making use of space saving design elements like built in cabinets to keep a space clean and uncluttered. Then essentials like high ceilings and natural light are used to keep a space feeling open and expansive.

Micro living stand alone modern building

Stacked Style Micro Living Home

Modern furniture is a natural fit for these smaller spaces, as its economy of materials and clean lines doesn’t overpower diminutive dwellings. Designers recommend pairing the micro living trend with clean, spare lounges over the overstuffed, larger variety pieces. Likewise, use of quality natural materials like light natural woods can add big depth to a small space.

Micro Home Simple Exterior

Exterior View Of Micro Home

Some critics of micro apartments fear putting more people in a smaller radius could overwhelm their cities’ infrastructure. Still, sustainable design done with a quality and luxurious feel has a place in most real estate strapped metropolises.

February 18, 2014