Selecting quality lighting for your makeup mirror

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8 steps to help improve your make up lighting

The 4 major light offenders and why you should avoid them

When it comes to applying your makeup these four are the absolute worst lighting conditions:


1. Fluorescent Lighting: 

It is not you. Fluorescent lighting is not favorable to anybody.

The white fluorescent light is over bright and totally unforgiving. This kind of lighting will completely deceive you. It can cause you to overdo your makeup like affecting your foundation, bronzer, or blush while you attempt to compensate for the shortage of color on your face.


2. Downlighting: 

Downlighting tend to shine down on wrinkles and pigmentation. They cast shadows under your eyes and will instantly make you look older. In certain instances you will come across as weary or exhausted, even if you are not.


3. Yellow Light: 

Do you look tired and sick? The yellow light is the culprit!

In the effort to neutralize your face and hide dark spots, this source of lighting may cause you to go overboard on the powder and concealer.


4. Rosy Light: 

Rosy light can be extremely deceiving. They will make your complexion appear vibrant and healthy.

Considering the radiant appearance in this kind of lighting, women tend to go easy with the concealer. However, its only later you will realize that you've missed out on a dark spot or a blaring blemish.



Purchase your next make up in the best lighting

The lighting at the department store is not very helpful. It will not always provide you with the most accurate results.  There will be an instance, where you thought your foundation was perfect. However, this was at the store.

Now, when you apply it on at your home, it doesn't match your skin color perfectly as it did earlier at the store. It is the lighting.

So, what is a smart approach to this problem?

When you are planning to shop for makeup, go out during the day. This way, you can take advantage of the natural sunlight. Take a mirror along with you as well. Pull out your mirror and walk over to the closest window with natural light coming through. Now test your new foundation, bronzer, or any kind of makeup.


Before you make a purchase, this smart trick will allow you to check out your makeup in the right lighting. 

September 12, 2016