How To Choose The Best Bar Stools

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These are the stools most of us have become familiar with. They are known to utilize dark wood patterns and often come with leather seat cushions. These stools borrow from a variety of influences, including American heritage, traditional European and Scandinavian. The choices are endless, as traditional bar stools come with and without swivel options. Traditional bar stools also give shoppers several looks to choose from when it comes to arms, backs and cushions.


For those who wish to give their seating area a little extra island flair, these chairs fit the bill perfectly. These chairs tend to be constructed out of traditional island materials, such as wicker and rattan. If this is not what you're looking for, there are also tropical style bar stools that lean less on traditional island materials and rely more on tropical upholstery patterns.


Considered to be much less heavy on the eyes than traditional bar stools, the transitional style of bar stool mixes and matches several different styles. Typically constructed from darker metals and woods, the majority of these stools do not come with arms attached. This allows them to take up less space and work best in areas that are in need of a high seat count. Some of these stools come with adjustable seat heights. 



The name of this style can be misleading, as "modern" is meant to invoke the image of a time already gone by. These stools are styled in a retro fashion that was thought to be modern in the era when they were initially introduced. These designs are a blast from the past, as they allow consumers to decorate their homes with the designs of the 1940s, all the way through to the 1970s. There are a plethora of colors and materials to choose from, as vinyl and plastic play a major role in their overall construction and cushioning.


In this context, contemporary stands for current. These stools are well known for their brushed steel designs, which are industrially inspired. Many of these stools do not come with arms or backs. Some contemporary stools do swivel, but colour choices tend to be more limited.

Choosing the proper material is a key aspect of bar stool selection

Until the shopper decides on their choice of material, other considerations cannot be made. Once the material has been chosen, the stool's fit becomes the main focus. Depending on whether the stool has arms and its height, it may or may not fit at your counter.

The shortest stools work best in bathroom vanities, while the midsize stools tend to be purchased by those who are seeking additional seating at their kitchen island. The tallest stools of all are reserved for usage at full size home bars and garage work stations. There are also stools available that adjust in height. 

Certain considerations must be made for comfort. Backs and arms are included on most bar stools, in order to allow guests to enjoy maximum comfort. Depending on how much time the guests will be spending in the seating area, you may wish to choose chairs without arms and backs.

If you're planning on having guests in the seating area for a longer period of time, chairs with swivel motions and padded seating take on added importance. Heavy traffic areas may require the purchase of chairs without arms, so that guests have more room.

In summation, the selection of the best bar stools for your home entertainment area is a greater challenge than buying new chairs for a traditional dining table. The bar stools must be able to fit the customer's needed specifications for height, width and comfort. No matter what your personal preferences are, there are a wide selection of bar stool styles currently available for you to select from.

December 22, 2014