The History of Mid-Century Modern

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The Beginnings of the Mid-Century Modern Style

The end of World War II brought about great change across the US as returning soldiers along with their brides created huge demands for new housing. The sudden surge led to what was known as “tract housing” which sprang up in former rural areas at the edge of cities and towns. Tract housing was simple in design and cut corners in certain places so that the homes could be built faster.

Mid-Century Modern Housing

Furniture and Mid-Century Modern

The Rise of Multipurpose

The End of the Mid-Century Modern Style

By the mid-1960s, the era of the mid-century modern style was fading fast as the slowdown of new housing and new tastes in design, furniture and accessories became more fashionable. It is not surprising that the mid-century modern style coincides with the Baby Boomer generation which consists of babies born from 1946 to 1964. The beginning of a new generation combined with advances in technology and materials led to the construction of larger homes that abandoned most of the typical mid-century modern style that had been so prevalent before.

Today, the mid-century modern style is now considered a retro-look that respects the attitudes and practicalities of the time. While it is an era that has passed, it has certainly not been forgotten and vestiges of that style continue to influence designers of today.

May 01, 2014