Cafe Table Bases

Find Restaurant Table Bases And Commercial Table Tops For Just The Right Look In Your Café

Finding the right commercial table tops and table bases for your establishment is no small feat. You need tables that look good and exude the atmosphere you are trying to covey, while at the same time, you need cast iron table bases and durable table tops built to withstand heavy repeated use and frequent cleaning. You have many choices in choosing your restaurant furniture and hospitality furniture. There are so many great styles, colors, and materials to choose from in both round table bases and tables tops. And many of our café table bases come with innovative leveling and stabilising technology which means fewer wobbly café table bases on even the most uneven surfaces. At Huset furniture, our restaurant furniture supply is flush with stylish choices from modern restaurant table bases to contemporary café tables, any number of café chairs and all of the commercial dining furniture choices you need to create just the right look and atmosphere in your space.


Customise Your Cafe Tables With Custom Café Table Bases & Table Tops

Finding the right compatible table tops and café table bases can be stressful, you want to make the right choice and get tables and bases that look great and perform well. No one wants to replace expensive commercial dining furniture prematurely. But even though there are more choices to be made the good news is that the custom café table tops and café table bases allow you to put a custom look together that sets your establishment apart from other helping you create a recognizable brand. Whether you choose a round base, cross base or T-shape base, vintage design restaurant table base, you can find many styles, colors and materials in café table tops to complete your look and create the dining space you have only imagined.


Create The Perfect Commercial Outdoor Dining Space With Café Table Bases

You can pair round table bases with round table tops. This combination is very stable, looks great and easier to clean around. On the other hand, with round table bases, there is less room to push in chairs between service. And how many café table bases and custom table tops you choose is worth thinking about. Space and layout can make a big difference in your dining area in terms of customer comfort, server comfort and overall revenue generation. More tables tops and seats is better to generate more revenue but there is a tipping point where too many café tables and café chairs crowds a space and makes patrons feel like sardines impacting the impression of service and overall quality in your establishment.


Commercial Table Bases Offer Stability And Good Looks To Your Commercial Dining Furniture

Whether you are creating a restaurant or café from the ground up or you are remodeling your current establishment, your choices in café chairs, café tables, café table tops and café table bases matter. You want to create an eye pleasing, welcoming environment but you also want to choose restaurant furniture that is resilient, well made and will hold up to daily use and frequent cleaning. Buying café furniture is an investment and no one wants to spend money on the wrong furniture. Let our expert design team help guide you through your choices, we are more than happy to help narrow your search down and answer questions about our products.