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Accent tables next to your couch or sectional come in all sorts of sizes. The most common sized tables are small side tables. This makes sense because these tables are meant to simply accent your living room or lounge and not be the focal point. A small designer side table is great because it's incredibly useful, but it doesn't take up too much space. On the other hand, you can find large side tables as well. These are perfect if you need a piece of furniture with some extra storage. An end table with storage gives you more options in your living room since you can keep your remote or magazines close by for whenever you need them. Whether you need a large or small side table, they are both great options for decorating your home. View the Huset furniture showroom Melbourne.


Looking For Bedside Tables Or Side Tables For Your Modern Home Interiors? Visit Huset Melbourne

Shop bedside tables online Melbourne and find everything you need at the tip of your fingers right in the comfort of your very own home. When choosing an accent table obviously you must first consider where it will be positioned. Do you need two side tables beside your living room sofa? Do you need two bedside tables in your master bedroom or is a single small side table better on just one side in consideration of your overall space? If you are searching for an occasional tables or accent tables for your living room, your table choice can either match the height of the sofa or chair by which they're placed or sit slightly lower.


Find Accent Tables In A Number Of Modern Furniture  Styles

With accent tables there is virtually no limit to your choices. You can find any number of shapes and styles like round side tables, square side tables, side tables with a shelf, drawers and more. In terms of style, you can find modern accent tables, chic, minimalist bedside tables, solid wood accent tables and more. Choose from a variety of modern furniture styles to find the best accent table options.


Shop Modern Accent Tables Online & Find Just What You Are Looking For

The bedside table is so often buried under books and magazines, locks and phones, maybe even the remainders of a midnight snack. These small bedside tables and accent tables do double duty as practical space as well as style elements in our bedrooms. However, with just the right bedside table, you can instantly transform your bedroom and get a space that reflects your individual aesthetic. Here at Huset furniture Melbourne, in addition to modern accent tables and side tables, we also offer a full range of other contemporary home furniture. Our range of side tables and accent tables offer a great for adding space beside your sofa, bedside, next to a side chair and more.


A Solid Oak Side Table Offers Lasting Quality

Quality wood side tables offer the lasting quality and workmanship that make them great furniture  designed to last for years of use in your home. When arranging your space, use objects that vary in height and size to create a balanced focal point on your side tables. Maybe a rounded table lamp to offset a modern, boxy table for example. A modern lamp is a fitting addition to any bedside arrangement, to add a little extra style. Here at Huset, we carry a curated selection of designer modern lighting that complements our modern furniture and bedside tables.