Muuto Stacked

Our Muuto Stacked Storage System Adds A Touch Of Style To Every Room

At Huset furniture, we carry a number of the best furniture pieces from the most sought after and on trend designers including our Muuto stacked storage system. Founded in 2006, Muuto is a Danish furniture and accessory firm that focuses on creating original takes on classic Scandinavian design. In fact, the name ‘Muuto’  comes from the Finnish word for ‘new perspective.’ At Huset, our design team immediately fell in love with the look of the modern shelving and designer modern modular storage units. The Muuto shelving offers the perfect counter point to our other modern designs and even our Danish inspired solid wood furniture.


The Muuto Shelving Modular Storage Offers Chic And Practical Storage

Whether you favor the bold or the understated, the complex or the simple, the geometric or the organic, the Huset design team will help you make the right statement in your interior spaces with the highest quality designer furniture pieces like the Muuto open stacked storage shelving. Both well designed and utterly functional, the Muuto Stacked Storage System consists of storage modules that can be arranged on the floor or wall. They are multifunctional and work in any room - you can put them to use as bookshelves over room dividers to side tables. Modern storage can offer both form and function and the Muuto modular storage unit is the perfect example of this. Whether you are searching for modular bookcase, modular storage or wall mounted storage, the Muuto is a shelving system that is as versatile as building blocks.


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From the imagination of designer Julien De Smedt of JDS Architects, these modular storage units allow you to create a shelving unit that offers a perfect, custom to fit in your individual spaces. The Muuto Stacked Shelving System can be randomly stacked and arranged or specifically coordinated into a compact grid formation. Each shelf comes with a steel clip to connect two modular boxes together. The multi-functional, clean Nordic design of the Muuto stacked storage system works in any home setting. At Huset furniture, we work hard to bring you the best designs from the best designers from all over the world. We love the clean forms and straight lines of modern design as well as the economy of materials and thoughtful construction of Danish modern design, so it is no surprise that we were immediately smitten with the exceptional, clean, modern design of the Muuto Modern Modular storage units.


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Our Muuto modern module shelving is impeccably designed, finely crafted and expertly constructed. The cubes hang neatly on the wall either on their own or in groupings of your choosing. They create a chic and functional storage system. The shelving and storage modules can be wall mounted in groups or individually to create a functional storage solution that’s as individual as you are. Create just the right storage and shelving in your inspired spaces.


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At Huset furniture, we love furniture pieces that offer us the most options and possibilities while still revering quality design and exceptional workmanship. The Muuto Stacked Storage System is a must have as it works and looks great in every room in your home. Put it in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, home office, nursery, child’s room and more, the possibilities are endless. The design and arrangement is flexible, changeable and can be easily adjusted by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting them directly onto the wall.