Beach Umbrellas

The Perfect Shade with Our Basil Bangs Beach Umbrellas

Beach umbrellas are essential for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors while protecting themselves from the sun's harsh rays. Among the wide range of options, the Basil Bangs umbrella stands out for its dedication to combining high-quality materials with innovative design. Whether you're setting up by the pool, in your garden, or on the sand, Basil Bangs offers stylish and durable outdoor pool umbrellas that provide not just shade but also a significant style statement to your outdoor setup.

Choose Your Ideal Beach Companion: Weekend vs Premium Umbrellas

Our collection features two distinct types of Basil Bangs beach umbrellas to suit every beachgoer's needs. The Weekend Umbrella, available in a vibrant range of rainbow colours, is designed for those who love to travel light without compromising on style and quality. Its timeless design and pared-back features make it a favourite among casual beach lovers.

On the other hand, our Premium Beach Umbrellas are for those who demand the best in fabric quality and finishes. Equipped with the patented Basil Bangs Hinge, these garden umbrellas are not only easy to set up and pack down but also offer effortless adjustability to any angle, ensuring maximum comfort and protection.

Innovative Features of Outdoor Umbrellas for Effortless Shade

Basil Bangs beach umbrellas come packed with features designed to enhance your beach experience. Enjoy UPF50+ for 98% UV protection, waterproof fabrics for sudden rain, and extendable hardwood poles for easy height adjustment. The custom-designed ground screw ensures your large umbrella stays secure in the sand, while the revolutionary Basil Hinge allows for shading at any angle with a simple turn of the dial. This folding umbrella has a patented design that ensures a fuss-free setup and pack-down, eliminating common beach day hassles and leaving more time for relaxation.

Brighten Your Beach Day with Basil Bangs Colourful Umbrella Collection

Our Basil Bangs sun umbrellas come in an exciting palette of colours to match your sunny day mood and style. From the sunny vibes of a yellow umbrella that brightens any beach setup to the serene and calming blue umbrella that mirrors the sea, to the elegant and pristine white beach umbrella for a touch of sophistication.

For those who love a pop of colour, our pink umbrella adds a fun and playful touch. Dive into our colourful range and find the perfect shade to make your outdoor adventures vibrant and memorable.

Basil Bangs beach umbrellas are more than just sun protection; they are a testament to innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and stylish outdoor living. Whether you prefer the lightness of our Weekend Umbrellas or the premium features of our Premium range, Basil Bangs has the perfect shade solution for your next beach day, picnic, or garden gathering. Explore our collection today and find the ideal sun or rain umbrella to complement your outdoor lifestyle.