Low Stools

Huset Low Stools: The Perfect Fusion of Style & Practicality

Welcome to the Huset collection of low stools, a versatile and stylish seating option that serves multiple purposes in any home. Small stools are an essential piece of furniture, perfect for seating in areas where a regular chair might be too tall, or as an accompaniment to a coffee table. They are also ideal for children's rooms or as a decorative yet functional piece in living areas. In Australia, where open-plan living and multifunctional spaces are cherished, small stools offer a smart solution for flexible seating.

Variety of Materials for a Custom Comfort Experience

• Low Wooden Stool: Our low wooden stools are a nod to classic craftsmanship, bringing warmth and natural beauty to any room.

• Plastic Low Stools: Contemporary and versatile, these stools work well in modern spaces and are easy to maintain.

• Rattan Low Stool: Add a touch of bohemian charm with our rattan stools, perfect for adding texture to your decor.

• Low Metal Stool: For an industrial edge or a sleek look, our low metal stools are durable and make a statement.

Colour Your World with Huset's Black, White, and Natural Low Stools

Low stools in our collection come in a variety of colours. The classic black low stool is a staple for any decor, offering a sleek and timeless look. White low stools are perfect for brightening a space and creating a sense of openness. For those who prefer the look and feel of natural materials, we have stools in natural wood tones that bring an organic, grounding presence to your environment.

Comfort in Every Seat: The Luxury of Huset's Upholstered Low Stools

Choose from our range of upholstered low stools, including designer options and leather low stools, for added comfort and a touch of luxury. For simplicity and ease of maintenance, our non-upholstered stools are the perfect pick. Whether you're after the plush feel of a padded seat or the clean lines of a bentwood stool, our collection caters to your seating needs. With Huset's selection of small stools, it's easy to find the right piece that combines function with style. Browse our collection now and find the perfect small stool that elevates your space and complements your lifestyle at Huset.