Kai Stania

Kai Stania Born in Austria, Kai Stania began his education studying architecture at the Vienna University of Technology before hopping across the pnd to study with designer Ron Arad at Michigan University in the United States. After more studies and travels, Stania returned to Vienna to set up shop with Kai Stania Product Design. Here he focused on product design, fashion accessories and furniture. Kai Stania has always been ahead of emerging design trends and has embraced the movement toward a kind of organic chic-- inspired sustainable design that is informed by a certain precision and polish not seen before in more nature-inspired styles. Kai Stania really shines here producing pieces that are simple, clean, even austere but fundamentally grounded in the wood they are created from. Kai Stania has also had a number of high profile collaborations including work with TON, respected European furniture manufacturer like the Moritz Arm Chair and the Delta table collection. The Delta table is not unlike a perfect kitchen butcher block, a piece so functional and yet artful with its heavy wood slab. Stania continues to create and stay ahead of the fold with his innovative work and distinct vision.

Designed by Kai Stania