Hurricane Vase No. 26 by Rebecca Uth for Ro

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Hurricane was inspired by the old kerosene lamps allowing candles to burn with a steady flame. Use Hurricane indoors and out to bring a seductive light to your surroundings.

Doubling as an elegant contemporary vase Hurricane is a versatile piece for your home, with four variations of coloured glass to create atmosphere.

Light and simple in the crystal clear glass. Warm and cosy with Amber. Classic ambience in Smoked grey. Exclusive moments in hand painted Platinum on Smoked grey glass - with a transparency that allows the light to shine through the precious metal.

Hurricane\'s are mouth blown in a light quality of glass. In this technique smaller air bubbles might appear in the crystal glass and the intensity in colour may vary. 




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Height 25cm
Diameter 17cm
Material Glass
Designer Rebecca Uth
Manufacturer Ro Denmark
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