Sahara Weave Jute Charcoal Entrance Door Mat by Armadillo

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From Armadillo & Co. comes this striking natural jute door mat/entryway rug. Perfect for thresholds or floor transitions or even in front of your door, kitchen sink or bath. This grey natural fibre rug effortlessly balances both a chic and natural feel. The Sahara weave jute charcoal door mat offers a hand woven, fair trade product made from quality natural materials, in this case renewable jute fibres.

Fair trade Indian artisans use loom binding and side tassels to impart this natural entrance mat with a simple beauty making it ideally suited to many different interior style. This natural fibre door mat can protect your flooring, keep dirt and debris from entering your home and add style and texture to your spaces. Put this grey entryway rug to use in your home for a clean, natural look. Beauty and style can come packaged in Fair trade, eco friendly products for your home.


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