Armadillo Our Armadillo Earth offers a range of handmade floor rugs, designer entrance mats and table tops suitable for interior living spaces or outdoor areas. Offering rich textures in a subtle natural colour palette, the Armadillo Earth is perfect for injecting warmth and personality into your home. Carefully hand woven by skilled artisans, all our rugs are hard wearing and made from natural fibres including wool and hemp. Armadillo has an extensive range, if there is something we don’t have online contact us and we will get it in, but some of our favourites include; The Sierra Weave Rug is an Armadillo staple and is sumptuously soft and comfortingly cosy, this rug features in all of our campaign shoots, is handcrafted from a luxurious wool blend in a ‘jagged peak’ design and is reminiscent of a knit fabric. Think mountainous landscapes, the Armadillo Sherpa Weave Rug provides texture and warmth to any interior spaces. Thick, sturdy hemp is set against wavering lines of luxurious wool to balance generous doses of differing texture in the Kalahari Weave Armadillo Rug. The Herringbone Weave Rug from Armadillo is a classic. This rug is a handsome pattern with a deep woolen pile, bringing a soft warmth and timeless look to any space. Inspired by Moroccan beniourain rugs and African tribal motifs, our handmade Berber knot rugs strike the perfect balance for contemporary interiors – offering an inviting sense of calm enlivened by gentle patterns and rich texture.

Made by Armadillo