Nest Weave Charcoal Entrance Door Mat by Armadillo

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Our charcoal grey toned Nest weave accent rug from Armadillo & Co. brings together so many of the things we really appreciate. First, this grey accent rug is a thing of beauty in an understated, natural way. With an attractive weave and natural texture, this jute grey door mat adds protection, warmth and interest to your spaces. Second, this grey woven entrance mat eco-friendly and eco-conscious with certified Fair Trade workmanship and quickly renewable natural jute fibre construction.

Bring the look of natural refinement and lush textures into your home with this hand woven artisan produced jute grey accent rug. This grey natural fibre rug also looks great in front of frequented spaces like your below your kitchen sink, bathrooms, bedside or just inside your patios door. With this hand woven hemp door mat, protecting your floors is easy. 

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