002 Bentwood Chair Black by Jaroslav Jurica for TON

Expected dispatch on June 27, 2019
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This minimalist and highly elaborate 002 Bentwood chair is a re-design of the classic model No. 14. Jaroslav Jurica has formed an award winning chair with his clever minimalist idea by divided its six pieces by two, and 002 emerged.

002 bentwood chair is made from only three pieces of Beechwood. This ingenious bentwood procedure is manually performed, and identical to form the legs, backrest and armrest all in one.

Jurica’s impressive editing created a dining chair that presents itself as a fresh modern design, yet still adheres to all of the elements of style that have made bentwood furniture so lasting and sought after.

Seat Height 45cm
Depth 44cm
Width 46cm
Overall Height 85cm
Colour Natural & Coffee
Seat Material European Beech timber bentwood
Frame Material European Beech timber bentwood
Designer Jaroslav Juřica
Manufactured TON CZ (Czech Republic)
How TON makes it
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