Jaroslav Jurica

Jaroslav Jurica Defining the new modernism with a penchant for clean lines, superior design and an economy of materials, Czech designer Jaroslav Jurica is among the fast rising group of hot young furniture designers. Jaroslav Jurica, founder of Hubero Kororo Design Group, has his hands happily in many areas of design. With a background in sculpture and industrial design, it is no wonder Jurica creates forms that deftly balance a sweeping, sculptural feel with an ultra useful, practical nature. Jaroslav Jurica has continually refined his brand and embarked on collaborations that have resulted in some of his most sought after furniture pieces like the 002 chair. The 002 chair was the result of a partnership with respected European furniture manufacturer TON. The 002 chair is a simple, chic design that offered a modern vision of some of the traditional forms and processes of bentwood furniture designs like those of Michael Thonet. From the 002 chair collaboration with TON to the Drawerment installation to an eye catching, interactive cd design/packaging, Jurica has consistently created innovative designs that offer the best of new modernism. Jurica continues to reinvent and refocus his vision with each new offering.

Designed by Jaroslav Jurica