Asshoff & Brogard

Asshoff & Brogard Stockholm based design studio Asshoff & Brogard has a focus on functional products created with exceptional design and an air of the magical. Swedish design duo Johanna Asshoff and Hanna Borgard seek to tell a story and create poetry in the everyday. With an element of the fantastic cleverly blended with impeccable construction, every piece they create is utterly memorable. Asshoff and Brogard have created an impressive catalogue of work all with their own bits of everyday magic. Like ‘Forget Me Not,’ their funeral urn concept, ‘Petticoat,” a textural folded paper lamp, ‘Spider,’ a leggy coffee table, ‘Truffle,” an upholstered stool that evokes the ruched gowns of couture or ‘DropIt,” hooks created for Normann Copenhagen that look like a perfect fluid droplet of water rendered in solid wood. ‘DropIt’ has been described as the perfect little piece of art for your wall so eye catching that you hardly want to hang anything from it rather letting it stand on its own. ”Our design should take a prominent place, attracting smiles and raised eyebrows. We want to add it to the everyday scenes and create places where people want and yearn to be.”

Designed by Asshoff & Brogard