Oak The Dots (Set of 5) by Lars Tornoe for Muuto

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Everyone loves The Oak Muuto Dots!  Make an affordable statement in any room of your home.

The Dots, designed by Lars Tornøe, are already a design icon, having introduced a new perspective on the coat hook. Produced from high quality wood, The Dots sculptured design can be arranged on the wall in exactly the pattern and colour combination that is desired. They are very versatile and can be used in multiple settings, including the entrance hall, bedroom and kitchen.

Hang your coat, leave them as they are or display your favorite jewelry! 

Each set of five Muuto Oak dots contain one large, one medium and three small dots.

Buy the muuto Oak dots from the Huset furniture store in Melbourne.

Pdf Brochures
Dimension for Small Diameter: 9 cm x Depth: 3.5 cm
Dimensions for Medium Diameter: 13 cm Depth: 4.4 cm
Dimensions for Large Diameter: 17 cm Depth: 5.7 cm
Material Oiled Oak wood
Weight restrictions 1.4kg per hook
Manufacturer Muuto
How Muuto makes it
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