Benoit Deneufbourg

Benoit Deneufbourg Belgium born designer Benoit Deneufbourg launched Brussels based B.dnb designStudio in 2004 and wasted no time joining the ranks of must-have emerging talent. With a hand in many pots so to speak, Deneufbourg quickly grew his brand and the B.dnb designStudio name in furniture, lighting and accessories. Never one to shy away from blending all of his interests into work, Deneufbourg also created across the platforms of interior design, installations and graphic design. As Benoit himself notes, “I am fascinated with materials and manufacturing processes. I consider design as a research laboratory on forms, materials and techniques.” So it is in his design “lab” that Benoit Deneufbourg and his team experiment and pair their exceptional product knowledge with innovative and experimental design work to coax amazing things from materials and processes. Creating for private clients as well as well known design house Normann Copenhagen has allowed B.dnb designStudio collectively and Benoit Deneufbourg personally to flex many different design muscles creating a wide range of products. With exhibitions including “La matière des nuages”, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris, France and the Milan Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy, Deneufbourg is keeping his team busy on the next greatest thing.

Designed by Benoit Deneufbourg