Bent Design Studio

Bent Design Studio Melbourne based design firm Bent Design Studio has long recognized that Australia's relative geographic isolation meant that many new design offerings did not reach our shores for several seasons. Likewise, much high quality, designer furniture was out of the cost range for many local buyers owing to the high costs of importing furniture in from foreign designers and manufacturers. The team at Bent Design Studio sought to offer on-trend designs right here at home with both expert craftsmanship and classic, clean modern design. With so many Australian designers emerging, Bent Design Studio couldn’t have picked a better time to showcase Australian design talent. The design team at Bent Design Studio works in many materials but recent collections have highlighted the use of natural, solid oak coaxing beautiful modern furniture from this prized natural material. From the Copenhagen furniture range—a series of works in solid oak, to the Boston bench collection, also in solid oak, and the Japan sofa collection, solid oak as well--everything that comes from Bent Design Studio offers the level of quality, style and workmanship modern furniture lovers demand.

Designed by Bent Design Studio