Boris Klimek

Boris Klimek Prague born designer Boris Klimek is like a tight rope walker who perfectly balances the dead serious design with utter whimsy. A graduate of the Academy of Art, Architecture and design in Prague, Kilmek has long been interested in creating in and playing with forms, textures and spaces. With award winning product design under his belt and a host of inviting, original spaces he has created, Klimek has built a strong body of work. With a penchant for irony and hyperbole, Boris Kilimek shows us that playful can coexist with beauty and refinement and that we can learn to see familiar forms in new settings that flip their meaning until they mean something else entirely. Like Klimek’s Memory lighting, a well-received collaboration with European lighting great Brokis. In this collection, balloon like forms float along a wall or rest at the ceiling offering us a this instantly recognized, impermanent, ephemeral form the balloon, shown to us in a more permanent setting. Or consider Boris Klimek’s Bunker—a modular seating system that allows the user multiple configurations not unlike a child’s play fort but more stylish. Klimek offers us refined whimsy, sly humour and a subversive quality all perfectly confined under the umbrella of exceptional design.

Designed by Boris Klimek

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