Dor Carmon

Dor Carmon Israeli born industrial designer Dor Carmon offers a multidisciplinary, innovative approach to design that shows throughout his catalogue from his furniture pieces to his small objects d'art . Dor utilizes a multitude of materials and techniques – from injection molds through ceramic casting and metal work, to realize his vision. The Dor Carmon design studio delivers professional design services creating mass market products together with furniture and more limited run objects. With a unique philosophy of design that views technology from multiple perspectives, Dor Carmon is able to stretch the limits of materials and products in new ways that challenge our understanding of them. As Carmon himself notes, "design for me is curiosity; it is getting exposed to new materials, technologies, and processes on a daily basis. Getting people excited about products through precise shape, is the secret to an object that transcends time. Design is my way of life". Replete with character and nostalgia, one of Dor Carmon’s noted designs Ducky offers a wooden duck figurine that has a sturdy, solid silhouette. Whether it is playful pieces like Ducky or Dor Carmon’s innovative, clever furniture designs, he brings his individual understanding of design and form and his unique vision to everything he creates.

Designed by Dor Carmon

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