Enrique Marti Associates

Enrique Marti Associates Enrique Martí Associates is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Valencia, Spain in 2013 with partners Ángel and Enrique Martí, industrial designers. Pulling great knowledge and innovation together, the partners main target was and continues to be offering their customers comprehensive design services across the spectrum including new product development, corporate image and branding, communication and more. Partners Ángel and Enrique Martí work so well with clients because they understand that the design process isn’t complete until each new project is finally ready to be mass produced and then sold. Their efforts paid off with a number of high profile collaborations with companies including Ooland where they crated the Daisy Arm Chair. Partners Ángel and Enrique Martí consider themselves very fortunate to be working in what makes them the happiest-- creating, modeling and solving problems. “Creating day after day everyday items that we hope will help to make life easier.” Not only have the two committed to creating exceptional design, they have also made a commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious design. For instance, the Daisy Armchair is made using 100% recyclable materials. Here at Huset, we are thrilled to carry this eco friendly, design worthy Daisy Armchair.

Designed by Enrique Marti Associates

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