Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love Swedish design studio FORM US WITH LOVE offers a clear, conceptual minimalist approach that perfectly resonates with the best of both iconic and current Scandinavian furniture design. This design triple threat consists of John Lofgren, Jonas Pettersson and Petrus Palmer. With studios in central Stockholm, Form Us With Love has their finger on the pulse of modern Scandinavian design trends. “If there is one word that sums up Swedish design studio FORM US WITH LOVE it is ‘dedication’.” Their immersion and inclusion in the new modern design is evident in their impressive body of work. Yes they have a very large cache of products under their banner for a comparatively young design studio, and yet the greatest feat for FUWL isn’t really the product s much as the process used to think, create and give voice to exceptional design. For nearly a decade, this internationally renowned studio has used dialogue, strategy and relevance to create products that seek to find the balance in opposing values and test the conventional. FORM US WITH LOVE has a great many high profile collaborations under their stylish belts including those with Ikea, Cappelinni, Absolut, La Cividina and Design House Stockholm just to name a few.

Designed by Form Us With Love

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