Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner Jakob received his B.Sc. in Design Engineering at DIA-M in Denmark and completed his second degree in Product Design at Art Centre, Switzerland. After studies in the US, Italy and France he founded Jakob Wagner Studio in Copenhagen. He has been designing product line for the likes of Alessi, Bang & Olufsen, Menu, Muuto and Stelton. Furniture projects for Cappellini, B&B Italia. Moroso and Hay to name a few. Jakob's work has been exhibited internationally and has received numerous awards- 6IF awards, 3 Red Dots, Bundespreis, Designer of the Year, as well as becoming part of the permanent exhibition at MOMA New York. "I don't think so much about the product; I think about the person using it, the context. We all have relationships with our products. I see myself as the one that makes sure that relationship is a good one.”

Designed by Jakob Wagner