Lime Studio

Lime Studio Lime Studios, best know for their ultra comfy modern Dowel Lounge chair, is among the most heralded of the new young furniture designers. Panos Vasiliou and Oscar Tange are the brains and heart behind Lime Studio. The young men of Lime Studio had barely left the doors of higher education swinging behind them when they began making a name for themselves in the professional design world. Lime Studio was established in 2005 in the UK but moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2009 because of it continues to be an up and coming design hub and overall energetic, inspirational vibe. This group of emerging talent have already produced amazing, high quality pieces and show no signs of slowing down. Trend setters in every sense of the word, Lime Studio founders Panos Vasiliou and Oscar Tange have built a name for themselves specializing in furniture, industrial design and even 3-D modeling. They have said many times that their design process is highly collaborative and yet, their vision for Lime Studio seems clear and unified. Since their move to Barcelona, Lime Studio has continued to grow their brand by collaborating with partners like lauded European furniture manufacturer, TON, where they created their well known Dowel Lounge Chair. From a hotly anticipated time piece to be unveiled this year to their chic, modern furniture offerings, Lime Studio offers impressive integration of design and function to create objects perfectly suited for our modern world.

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