Lucie Koldova

Lucie Koldova Hailing from the Czech Republic but making Paris her home, product and furniture designer Lucie Koldova brings together the best of both cultures in her work. Koldova graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in 
Prague in 2009 and then, like so many young women dream, it was off to Paris where she established her own studio in 2012. She quickly made a name for herself and has been a prolific designer from the beginning. With her welcome entry into the world of design, Koldova was exposed to new media and this only further widened her sphere of creation. Lucie Koldova creates furniture, glass sculpture 
and high end lighting. From original works to large scale installations or consumer goods, Koldova blends the craftsmanship of old with the technology of new to find the creative sweet spot where the best modes intersect. Look over Koldova’s catalogue of work from her Capsula to Ballons to Muffin lighting and it is clear that she has an affinity for colour, contrast and unusual proportions. Koldova has also successfully collaborated with many other talented designers including a great body of work created with designer Dan Yeffet.

Designed by Lucie Koldova

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