Marinka Parnham

Marinka Parnham Marinka Parnham is a Melbourne native who spent her childhood painting, drawing and creating things of all kinds before embarking on a serious study of art and textile design at RMIT. Her area of focus was painting large landscapes and this translated quite well to her initial work as a hand painter designing high end bed linens. Over time, Parnham has translated her vision to single works of original art available through private dealers, the trade and now a handful of design houses and fine furniture dealers like Huset. Artist Marinka Parnham’s work has continually evolved and her newest collection resonates well with modern interiors adding bold pops of colour and an energetic vibrance to any space they occupy. Parnham herself says, “I am continually inspired by colours, pattern, movement and nature. I see everyday objects and how they can be translated and transformed into captured moments in hanging art.” From ‘Mixed Bag’ to works like ‘June Falls,’ Parnham’s work suggests movement, energy and an intensity that suggests a bold spirit. Huset is proud to carry this newest collection from local artist Marinka Parnham.

Designed by Marinka Parnham