Michal Riabic

Michal Riabic A freelance designer based out of Slovakia, Michal Riabic graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic where he studied Applied Arts and Graphic Design. Riabic also spent time studying in Finland, no doubt developing his affinity for furniture design. Riabic is noted for his successful collaborations, most notably Bene, the internationally renowned office furniture manufacturer and TON, the acclaimed European furniture manufacturer known for their iconic bentwood furniture designs. Michal Riabic, now art director at TON among other things, along with Tom Kelly had a real hand in bringing TON into a more modern product offering yet one that would be at home with its traditional bentwood offerings. The goal is to link the products of the past and present together in a way that elevates them both. As Riabic himself related, new technologies come up all the time, a designer must create for his time. In our time, people live and work at a pace not known before, they want a chair to be wider, more comfortable so they can sit back and relax. We build on a long tradition of bentwood furniture but we still create things for today.

Designed by Michal Riabic